The majority of mobile applications and Smart-phone Apps are designed for users in the West. Adapting computers, internet, mobile and Smart-phones for the developing countries need innovation, and with our 18 years of experience with telecentres, mobile applications and the latest Smart-phone Apps, we can provide innovative ways to harness these technologies to meet development objectives, at developing country environments, where illiteracy, low infrastructure and lack of support services handicap technology dissemination. (eg. FarmerNet Sri Lanka, eSoko Rwanda).

Social Impact

Understanding the impact created by development engagements is a daunting task. We have developed a unique Social Impact measurement framework for ICT4D projects. Our approach, both in-depth and adaptable, includes the choice of appropriate impact assessment methodology, defining indicators and development of appropriate presentation models. We work with organisations to develop an impact assessment model that matches the aims, values and strategy of their organisation. (e.g. Discussion paper). 


Economic sustainability of ICT4D and mobile4D interventions are very difficult because they require more entrepreneurial and innovative skills than conventional project management. Sarvodaya-Fusion the start up social enterprise in Sri Lanka is a firsthand demonstration of our mentoring and coaching capabilities using virtual management models. “Sustainability First” – is a global research that we have carried out to understand the constraining factors of economic sustainability.  We can carry out research projects, training programs, mentoring and coaching to project managers, to facilitate their project /organisational economic sustainability. (e.g. Sustainability First e-book).

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